August 23, 2020 Updated Response COVID-19

The Leadership Council and/or the COVID-19 Task Group will be providing monthly updates on LUC’s COVID-19 response. Below is the second monthly update. We thank you for your patience as we navigate this pandemic with the utmost caution and concern for our community’s safety, health, and well-being.

From the COVID-19 Task Group
LUC’s COVID-19 Task Group has been meeting almost weekly since mid-July, working hard to plan for the church’s eventual re-opening. Part of our work is to go through the various government guidelines and United Church documents to ensure that we are creating a plan that adheres to all the necessary health and safety protocols for the congregation. In addition to this, we are currently working on:

– Analyzing the survey results (thank you to all who took it!)
– Forming cleaning protocols for the church
– Establishing capacities for the different church spaces
– Creating a “Steps of Re-Opening” document for LUC, which will be
forthcoming in a few weeks

We still are unsure when we’ll be able to gather in-person, but whenever this is, it will be a slow and phased-in approach. We appreciate all your prayers and feedback as we continue to work on the future re-opening of our beloved church building.

May God Be with You,
The LUC COVID-19 Task Group
(Yvonne McKenna, Jane Marynowski, Wendy Bily, Sandy Holland, Willow Mainprize, and Lydia Ruenzel)

LUC’s Vision and Direction
In working through the Pacific Mountain Regional Council’s documents for re-opening, the COVID-19 Task Group discussed how LUC’s Vision and Direction are good guidelines for shaping how we will re-open as a community of faith.

Our Vision to Connect, Deepen, and Engage, with God, ourselves, and one another is central to who we are as a congregation and our Five Directions remind us of how Christ is calling us as a congregation, even during COVID-19. As a church, we continue to strive to be:

  1.  A Place Where People Make Connections
  2.  A Community Services HUB
  3.  A Place that Practices Participative Leadership
  4.  A Place of Family Accompaniment
  5.  A Community that is Creative and Strategic about All Our Resources and Gifts

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