January 12, 2022 Updated Response COVID-19

In July, 2021, Provincial Health Orders allowed Churches and businesses to switch from a Covid-19 Safety Plan to general Communicable Disease Prevention measures. Following these measures, we were able to safely re-open our Church to in-person Worship and some small group activities in September, 2021.

With the Omicron variant of Covid-19 gaining traction in December, we are now required to reinstate our LUC Covid Safety Plan as per Provincial Health Orders and our United Churches’ Regional Councils recommendations. The COVID-19 Task Group has decided that we are at Step 2 of our COVID Safety Plan at the current moment:

Staff may return to their offices with provision to still work at home or have staggered schedules. One-on-One meetings and pastoral care may resume by appointment, with safety practices and guidelines adhered to.

In-person Church services have been paused since Dec 22nd and we are now worshiping only online via Zoom. LUC staff will work from home or from their offices as needed and in-person meetings will be limited to only one-on-ones; there will be no larger gatherings.

Our Safety Plan includes:
1] Wellness check prior to entering LUC: Do not enter the building if you or your household members are feeling unwell.
2] Mask must be worn while in the building.
3] Sanitize hands upon entering building.
4] Maintain 2 metre physical distance from others.
5] Adhere to all posted LUC signs.
6] Plexiglass barriers are available for use in one-on-one meetings
7] High touch areas will receive extra cleaning as required.

Please contact the Office via phone 604-946-6254 or email office@ladnerunited.org for any inquiries or needs pertaining coming into the Church for any reason.

UPDATED COVID19 Step 2 Protocols January 12, 2022

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