Getting to know our Minister of Music: Marcus Petrunia

Marcus Petrunia has been our Minister of Music since May 2019. Having joined our team after serving with two other congregations – one in southern Alberta and another more recently here in the Lower Mainland – he brings with him not only a diverse musicality, but a sensitivity to liturgy and tradition with a burning desire to keep worship fresh, relevant, yet always God-focused.

In addition to directing our church choir and providing the musical support in our worship services, Marcus spends much of his off-time both singing and working with other choirs around town, including Chor Leoni Men’s Choir, Vivaldi Chamber Choir, and the British Columbia Boys’ Choir; all while directing musical productions, maintaining a private studio (where he teaches piano and music theory) and also collaborating with and coaching other musicians in the community to help them achieve their musical potential.

Marcus is passionate about the power of song. He believes that we all have a song within us, even though many of us have no idea how it sounds, or even how to express or “sing” it. He is passionate about helping others find the unique song they bring, and in seeking out novel and innovative ways for our church, and our community, to discover its song. Whether that’s with individuals finding their place in the smaller group ‘choir’ or in the greater ‘symphony’ of worship at Ladner United, he is honoured to minister in this way and to share how we can each bring our song and blend it with those in the community to create a bigger symphonic masterpiece.


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