Our Heart

A heart for God in the heart of the village

We are a friendly neighbourhood church located in the heart of historic Ladner Village in the City of Delta. Our motto is “A Heart for God in the Heart of the Village” and we take this seriously! We desire to be a place where all are welcome to ask questions, to wonder about faith, and just to be who you are no matter where you’re at.

We encourage you to look through our website and social media, give us a call, or come and see if Ladner United feels right for you. We hope you will feel God’s grace and love in Jesus wherever you are on your journey of faith. We’d love to meet you!

Ladner United is part of the United Church of Canada and is attended by people of diverse beliefs and religious backgrounds, from people who grew up in various Christian denominations, to those without any former church experiences. In addition to the many smaller groups that meet throughout the week for a variety of activities, we gather weekly on Sundays for prayer, celebration, singing, learning and to experience the care and belonging of God’s love in community. We are inclusive and welcoming, embracing a progressive approach to faith. The statements of faith for the United Church of Canada can be found here.

We are an egalitarian and LGBTQIA2S+ welcoming place of worship. We believe in full inclusion of believers regardless of age, race, gender, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, economic status or any other factor that others may use to divide.

Vision & Direction
for Ladner United

After completion of our building renovation, we undertook the process of intentionally walking through a visioning process as a community of faith, to ensure that moving forward the ministry work we do would continue to be aligned with the specific call we sensed God had and has for us as a congregation. What came out clearly from this process were three key words and five specific directions. These created a decision-making template through which we determine if a particular ministry activity or event is aligned with our congregation’s vision and direction for this season.

Three keywords that will guide our going forward:

Recognizing that loneliness is pervasive in our community and that people want to feel they belong and matter, we will become known as A PLACE WHERE PEOPLE MAKE CONNECTIONS.

The social needs of people in this region are diverse, numerous and scattered. We will provide information, coordination, connections and care as a COMMUNITY SERVICES HUB.

Leaders are people who see a need and respond with creativity and care. At Ladner United Church (LUC), when people are personally asked to participate in making a difference, they step up. And when they get to share the responsibility with others, they enjoy the collaborative friendship. We will continue to develop our practices of PARTICIPATIVE LEADERSHIP.

The demands on parents and families can be overwhelming. Families and all their menders, regardless of age, need loving practical support. We will focus our resources and experience as we become known as A PLACE OF FAMILY ACCOMPANIMENT.

We are a community that not only affirms and supports those in paid positions of accountable ministry, but one that thinks creatively and strategically about ALL OUR RESOURCES AND GIFTS.