Our Heart

A heart for God… in the heart of the village

We are a friendly neighbourhood church located in the heart of historic Ladner Village in the City of Delta. Our motto is “A Heart for God in the Heart of the Village” and we take this seriously! We desire to be a place where all are welcome to ask questions, to wonder about faith, and just to be who you are no matter where you’re at.

We encourage you to look through our website and social media, give us a call, or come and see if Ladner United feels right for you. We hope you will feel God’s grace and love in Jesus wherever you are on your journey of faith. We’d love to meet you!

Ladner United is part of the United Church of Canada and is attended by people of diverse beliefs and religious backgrounds, from people who grew up in various Christian denominations, to those without any former church experiences. In addition to the many smaller groups that meet throughout the week for a variety of activities, we gather weekly on Sundays for prayer, celebration, singing, learning and to experience the care and belonging of God’s love in community. We are inclusive and welcoming, embracing a progressive approach to faith. The statements of faith for the United Church of Canada can be found here.

We are an egalitarian and LGBTQIA2S+ welcoming place of worship. We believe in full inclusion of believers regardless of age, race, gender, ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, economic status or any other factor that others may use to divide.

The Vision of
Ladner United Church

A Heart for God…in the Heart of the Village


Ladner United Church brings to our community a supportive place that is open to all without judgement.

We share God’s light and love as we work to support each other. We acknowledge our needs and strengths, learn about God and our world, and move towards an expanding ministry of reconciliation with those in our world who have suffered and those who continue to suffer.

Three key words that guide us:


The social, spiritual, emotional and physical needs of people in our community are diverse. People want to feel that they belong and matter. Ladner United Church is a CARING PLACE WHERE PEOPLE MAKE CONNECTIONS.


People come to Ladner United Church with diverse and unique qualities and perspectives. We welcome them where they are. In sharing God’s love we seek to provide varied opportunities for Spiritual growth in our journeys of DEEPENING FAITH.


At LUC we offer opportunities to participate in leadership. People who see a need, share their gifts, responding with creativity and care. In engaging with others we enjoy collaborative relationships while sharing responsibilities.

Ladner United Church is a faith community that thinks and acts strategically as we share our resources and gifts to support ministries in the wider community.