Room Rentals at Ladner United Church

Ladner United Church welcomes community members and groups into our spaces where we strive to provide a safe, clean and accessible meeting place. We aim to be a hub in the community and support local initiatives, businesses, and opportunities. Renting a space at LUC means that you’re not only getting a wonderful space for your event or group but your fees also go towards supporting the ministry of Ladner United Church.

We have the following rooms available to rent; Sanctuary, Celebration Centre, Knoblauch Room, Multi-purpose Room and Kitchen. Take a look below for more information on each of the rooms, their characteristics, and their cost. Rental rates will be discounted for non-profit event bookings.

Our Rental Spaces

Sanctuary and Narthex – The historic sanctuary of Ladner United Church is open to the narthex and welcoming area. It can be used for events such as weddings, funerals, music recitals, plays and other events involving an audience or congregation. The chairs can also be moved so that the space can be used for art displays and other community meetings or events. Seating capacity is 180.

The Celebration Centre – This room is used for large meetings of up to 175. There are round and rectangle tables that can be used with chairs provided. Receptions, large meetings, conferences and other large events can be held here.

Knoblauch (Fireplace) Room – This small, comfortable space is used for meetings up to 15 people. It has several soft chairs and couches for intimate meetings in front of the gas fireplace. A stained-glass window and glass door to the garden patio let in natural light and add to the relaxing and contemplative atmosphere.

Multi-purpose Room – This large space with high ceilings and windows can accommodate 30 people. It is self-contained with the entrance, on Laidlaw Street, which is separate from the main entrance. It has its own bathroom facilities and kitchenette, as well as a shower room and washing machine/dryer. Tables and chairs can be provided

Kitchen – This full kitchen adjacent to the Celebration Centre has a large preparation area, industrial dishwasher and two standard range/ovens. Refrigerator space will need to be negotiated or off-site refrigeration is needed. The kitchen can be used to prepare for a meal or refreshments in one of the other booked rooms, or as a place to prepare food to take to another location. Safe food handling training and procedures are required by Fraser Health.


Room Rental Rates (***discounted rates available for non-profit events***)

***Room rates may be discounted***

For-profit persons/organizations will pay 100% of the room rate.
Non-profit persons/organizations that charge admission for their event will pay 75% of the room rate.
Non-Profit persons/organizations that do not charge admission for their event will pay 50% of the room rate.

Download LUC Facility Rental Contract and Information